Most people don’t put very much thought into packing tape. It is simply a product they run to the store to purchase when they need to seal some boxes to ship or to move, and there are only a few things people want from their packing tape:

1 - It sticks, and
2 - it is easily torn

But the truth is, not all packing tapes are created the same. Printed packing tape can create a custom look to packages or boxes you are shipping while providing a quality adhesive that stays put and is easy to use.

Type of Printed Packing Tapes

This type of tape can come in a variety of materials, sizes, and adhesive quality. There are also different widths, uses, and dispensers associated with packing tape. Here are a few different types of printed packing tape:

Paper reinforced printed tape. Paper adhesive packing tape is versatile and easy to use. It is reinforced with fiberglass filaments between two layers of paper with adhesive backing. Printed paper tape is a good way to stay environmentally friendly with your products and shipping methods while still customizing your packaging. The printed tape can display whatever type of message you want to for your personal or business needs. It can be a basic message such as “FRAGILE”, or a more in-depth description, company logo, or package contents.

Polypropylene film printed tape. Used for light to medium sealing needs, this type of packing tape is thin, flexible, and easy to use. It is easily torn or cut from the roll and is created in a variety of different widths and sizes. This type of printed packing tape is easier to tear than reinforced paper tape, and is suitable for use with hand dispensers. Typically clear or tan in color, printed polypropylene tapes can come in a variety of colors with messages of varying sizes and colors as well.

Filament polypropylene film printed tape. This type of printed tape is tensiled with filaments which makes it suitable for industrial sized jobs. Appliances are often packaged in this type of tape. A printed filament polypropylene film tape for shipping appliances or large items is extremely beneficial to note shipping instructions, i.e. “this end up”, “fragile”, “team lift”, “top heavy”, etc. Because of the reinforcing in this type of printed packaging tape, it is typically used for larger jobs and can therefore be used to pass on important information regarding the item being packaged, shipped, or transported.

Custom Messages
There are any number of custom messages that can be added to your printed tape. Businesses can utilize this type of advertising to add their logo to a product being shipped. For specialty businesses, custom messages on packing tape can include the contents of the package, care instructions, storage directions, or care instructions for the product or products.

There are a lot of different types of printed packing tape for any of your shipping needs. They are available in a variety of materials, textures, and adhesive types. From personal packing needs to industrial packing needs, printed packing tapes can offer businesses or individuals the opportunity to advertise or advise recipients of packages how to handle or care for the contents inside. They can be customized to meet specific business needs, or pre-printed with standard warnings or sayings to draw attention to your package.

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