When it comes to adhesive tapes, there are a number of choices from which people can take their pick based on their specific needs and packing requirements. Cloth adhesive tape is an essential packing material that every household should have, especially since it serves various purposes. Among the uses of Cloth adhesive tape include (but are not limited to ) the following:

Adhering Small and Large Bandages
This type of adhesive tape can be used effectively as a first aid material, specifically used to pack wounds immediately and safely. The strong adhesion allows not only to cover wounds and keep them clean, but also apply steady pressure on the gash to keep the bleeding in control.

It is also a suitable tape to be used for attach a splint with a digit/s (in the case of severely broken fingers). Cloth adhesive tape may also be used to secure central lines for medication and/or drips.

Mechanical Protection
This tape, specifically the friction cloth variety, is used to protect cable, wires, and splices. The adhesive holds very well and is resistant to residue as well as to moisture.

Cotton Cloth Tapes
These are used mostly for medical/first aid purposes such as bandaging, securing a suture, controlling bleeding, temporary support and or immobilization of dislocated or broken fingers/toes as well as other body parts, and many others. Cotton tapes are non-abrasive and can be safely used on skin surface. The most common dimensions for this tape are 10 mm x 2 in x 36 yards (thickness, width, and length). These are easy to use, especially when it comes to cutting/tearing as it does not require sharp implements such as scissors.

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